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This Urbandoor Residency License Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into by and between <%= guest_name %> (“Guest”) and <%= supplier_name %> (“Hospitality Provider”) identified in the Confirmed Booking with respect to the Guest’s anticipated occupancy of the premises located at <%= property_address %> (“Premises”) within the Apartment Community commonly known as <%= property_name %> (“Apartment Community”) as described in the Confirmed Booking. The Confirmed Booking shall be incorporated into and form a part of this Agreement.

  1. Temporary License. For good and valuable consideration between Hospitality Provider Guest, and Customer, Hospitality Provider grants Guest a temporary license to use the Premises and the common areas of the Apartment Community described above from <%= start_date %> until the final date of the Stay specified in the Confirmed Booking, <%= end_date %>, or Hospitality Provider terminates this License in accordance with terms of this Agreement. If there is a conflict between the dates provided in this Paragraph 1 and the Confirmed Booking, the Confirmed Booking shall control.
  2. License Fee. The license fee for the Premises and any furnishings and housewares supplied with the Premises (“License Fee”) is <%= customer_fees %>, as specified in the Confirmed Booking. Guest agrees to pay the License Fee to Hospitality Provider. Guest agrees and acknowledges that the License Fee is calculated on the basis of a nightly rate of <%= corporate_nightly_rate.format %> per night, plus the Urbandoor Fee of <%= urbandoor_fee.format %>.

    a. The License Fee is to be paid to Stripe Inc, located at 510 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94103, and can be reached at (650)427-9276.

  3. Community Rules and Related Documents. Guest acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Community Rules and a copy of all policies and procedures issued by Hospitality Provider at the inception of the Confirmed Booking (“Policies and Procedures”). Use and occupancy of the Premises is subject to Guest’s compliance with each and every term in this Agreement and all attachments thereto, including the Community Rules, and the Confirmed Booking. Guest understands and agrees that any breach of this Agreement, the Community Rules or any other Policies and Procedures of or relating to the Premises by either Guest or Guest’s household members, invitees or guests will invalidate this Agreement and, and upon a three-day notice to Guest, Guest must vacate the Premises.
  4. No Landlord/Tenant Relationship. Guest acknowledges and understands that because Guest’s occupancy of the Premises is based upon Guest’s employment (as identified in the Confirmed Booking), no independent rental application for Guest has been processed and Guest has no right to use or occupy the Premises separate and apart from this Agreement with Hospitality Provider. Guest further acknowledges that the parties do not intend to enter into a landlord/tenant relationship by virtue of Guest’s use of the Premises at the Apartment Community.
  5. Access to Premises. Guest also acknowledges and understands that Hospitality Provider shall continue to have access to the Premises at any time. Guest’s failure to allow entry for necessary or required maintenance or repairs is a material breach of this Agreement that may result in the termination of this License. Guest further acknowledges and provides permission for Hospitality Provider to enter the unit without notice in the case of an emergency.
  6. Authorized Occupants. Guest further understands and agrees that only the additional occupants listed on the Confirmed Booking may occupy the Premises. Guest may not allow or permit any other individual to occupy in the Premises without the prior written consent of Hospitality Provider. The license granted under this Agreement is unique to the undersigned Guest and may not be assigned or otherwise transferred to any other party. The authorized occupants of the Premises pursuant to this Agreement are those named below and shall not change after Guest begins Guest’s Stay. Should any person not named in the Confirmed Booking, which persons are named below, make any claim to right of possession of the Premises, any such person shall be deemed to be the guest or invitee of the named Guest and their claim to right of possession shall be denied.

    <%= guest_name %>

  7. Subletting/Assignment. Guest shall neither sublet nor assign any part of the Premises under this Agreement. Violation of this clause subjects Guest to any and all applicable fines and to termination of this license.
  8. Conduct of Guest. Guest shall conduct him/herself in a reasonable manner while utilizing the Premises pursuant to this Agreement. Guest shall not engage, or allow others to engage in, any illegal conduct in the Premises or in the Apartment Community nor shall Guest create a nuisance in the Premises or on the Community or allow others to do so. If Licensee breaches this provision, Hospitality Provider may terminate this Agreement on written notice and Guest will have three (3) days from the date of notice within which to vacate the Premises. Hospitality Provider, or owner or authorized agent of owner of the Premises, on Hospitality Provider’s behalf, may, at the expiration of said three (3) days, immediately commence action to regain possession of the Premises.
  9. Utilities. With respect to the utilities charges paid by Hospitality Provider or the Apartment Community, Guest shall not make excessive or unreasonable use of such utilities. If Guest does make excessive or unreasonable use of such utilities, Hospitality Provider, or Urbandoor on Hospitality Provider’s behalf, may bill Guest for such excessive or unreasonable use and said billing shall become due and payable, in full, on the first day of the month next following the date of such billing.
  10. Use of Premises. Guest agrees that the Premises is licensed for lodging only. Guest shall not conduct business activities on the Premises. Conducting business activities includes, without limitation, having a business telephone line in the Premises, having business clients meet with Guest at the Premises, assembling or manufacturing any product upon the Premises, or otherwise holding out the Premises as the address of any business.
  11. Other Grounds for Termination of License. If Hospitality Provider goes out of business, Customer or Guest fails to provide payment, then Guest’s right to occupy the Premises shall terminate. Guest must vacate the Premises within three (3) days of the termination of Guest’s relationship with Hospitality Provider, unless a longer period is agreed upon by Guest and Hospitality Provider, in writing.
  12. Personal Property. Guest agrees to remove all personal property from the Premises upon termination of the Agreement and leave the Premises in a clean and neat condition (ordinary wear and tear excepted) when vacating the Premises. Guest shall be responsible to Hospitality Provider for all damage caused to the Premises during the term of this Agreement.
  13. Condition of Premises-Alterations. Guest has inspected the Premises and acknowledges that the Premises is in good and habitable order and repair at the time Guest is given occupancy. Guest shall report any issues with the Premises to Hospitality Provider within five (5) days of occupying the Premises if the Premises is not in good and habitable order. Guest agrees not to make any alterations or improvements to the Premises. All additions, fixtures, improvements, and furniture shall be Hospitality Provider’s property and shall remain upon the Premises after the termination of this Agreement. Guest agrees not to install additional or different locks or gates on any doors or windows of the Premises.
  14. Liability. Hospitality Provider shall not be liable to Guest or to any guests or invitees of Guest for any damage or losses to person or property arising from any cause including, but not limited to, theft, burglary, assault, vandalism, fire, flood, water leaks, rain, hail, ice, snow, smoke, lightning, wind, explosion, interruption of utilities, earthquake, war, acts of terrorism, demonstrations, or any other condition over which the Hospitality Provider has no control
  15. Assumption of Risk. Guest assumes all risk of loss, damage to property, and personal injury related to the Premises and its use and waives all claims against Hospitality Provider and Urbandoor. Guest shall indemnify, protect and defend Hospitality Provider and Urbandoor against and hold Hospitality Provider free and harmless from and against any and all third party claims and liabilities arising out of Guest's use or occupancy of the Premises. The foregoing waiver and obligation to indemnify shall not apply to instances involving Hospitality Provider’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.
  16. No Holding Over. Guest agrees to vacate the Premises at the termination of this Agreement or upon receiving notice of earlier termination pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. No holding over beyond the termination of this Agreement will be accepted unless consent is provided in writing by Hospitality Provider.
  17. Attachments/Amendments: Guest acknowledges receipt of a copy of the attachments/amendments listed in this section, which are incorporated into and made part of this license. Resident(s) agrees to abide by said attachments/amendments in all respects. Any failure to comply with any of the attachments shall be deemed a breach of this license.

    a) Community Rules b) State-Specific Amendment c) __________________________ d) ___________________________________ e) __________________________ f) ___________________________________

  18. Governing Law and Venue. Local Jurisdiction is defined as the government or legal body that has the authority to make legal pronouncements and administer justice to individuals and companies who are conducting transactions within a given geographical location. This Agreement shall be construed and enforced pursuant to the laws of the Local Jurisdiction in which the Property is located. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any action is brought by either party to enforce the terms of this Agreement for the purpose of obtaining possession of the Premises, such action shall be brought in the appropriate court in the Local Jurisdiction in which the Premises is located.
  19. Headings. Headings in this Agreement are intended solely for the convenience of reference and shall be given no effect in the construction or interpretation of this Agreement.
  20. Electronic Signatures. The Parties agree that they may enter into this transaction by electronic means. The Parties agree and acknowledge that if the Parties entering into this transaction by electronic means, doing so is not conditioned on the Parties’ agreement to conduct the transaction electronically.
  21. Severability and Provisions Required by Law. If any provision or any part of any provision of this Agreement is for any reason held to be invalid, unenforceable or contrary to any public policy, law, statute and/or ordinance, the remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected thereby and shall remain valid and fully enforceable. To the extent any provision of this Amendment is in direct conflict with any provisions of applicable law, such provision is hereby deleted. Any provision specifically required by applicable law which is not included in this Amendment is hereby inserted as an additional provision of this Amendment, but only to the extent required by applicable law and then only so long as the provision of the applicable law is not repealed or held invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction.
  22. Incorporation by Reference. The following documents entered into by Guest or Hospitality Provider constitute part of this Agreement: (a) the Urbandoor Hospitality Provider Agreement; (b) the Urbandoor Customer Agreement; and (c) the Urbandoor Terms of Service